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An Intimate Wedding Story

the girl behind the camera

nightshift nurse. adventurer. craft beer enthusiast.

professional child chaser and third wheel.

I want to hear your story.

I want to document your connections.

I want to celebrate your accomplishments.  

I want to highlight your love. 


Hey there and welcome to my world, thanks for stopping by. I'm Ashley Kristen, the creative heart and soul behind Ashley Kristen Photography. Local to the little country side that is Bucks and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, I grew up in a tight-knit family as the oldest of four athletic, albeit crazy, children. Which is probably why I'm drawn to photographing families and children. The beauty and chaos of chasing around little ones during a session is a nostoligic kind of joy for me.  

A camera, in one form or another, is always attached to my hip and has been for years. Whether it's my phone or my trusty Nikon D750, I always have the desire to document life in snapshots. I grew up in a home where my mother covered every wall and shelf with a picture. Now my own apartment is decorated in similar fashion; from my coveted gallery wall to the multiple bookshelves lining the living room.

Photographs, to me, are sacred; a way to capture a moment or chapter in life, freeze the joy, and return to it time and time again. Those split-seconds in life and the emotions tied to them can be moving, pivitol and life-changing -- and deserve to be treated as special as they are.  My heart is drawn to documenting those natural moments in all their boldness and brightness. I strive to document life, love, and family authentically and candidly; I welcome a little chaos and openly invite laughter. So let's go on an adventure and capture your family's story in its truest form.

(photo credit: hazel lining photography)